Andrew Dalrymple

Andrew Dalrymple



We all know a great teacher can change your life – and that was certainly the case for Andrew. After high school, he got a call from his accounting teacher, recommending Andrew apply for an accounting job at a local firm. As they say, the rest is history.

Whilst the numbers have always come easily to Andrew, the relationships are what he enjoys most about the job – particularly when team members or clients become friends. Andrew has been with Patison for many years, after making the move from his first job at a smaller local firm, with the aim of honing his craft.  Andrew commenced his career in tax accounting and over the years developed skills in general and management accounting, auditing and a speciality in self managed superannuation.

On weekends, Andrew and his wife enjoy going to concerts or shows in Melbourne, entertaining friends and family at home or visiting one of their favourite restaurants locally or in the city. He’s an avid reader, loves to play chess and after playing for years now enjoys watching AFL football, cricket and sport generally. With four adult children it means there’s always something to catch up on too.