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Safe, experienced hands for your business, yourself and your family.

Empowering you is our mission; we utilise our strengths so you can focus on yours.

Safe, experienced hands for your business, yourself and your family.

Empowering you is our mission; we utilise our strengths so you can focus on yours.

Partnering with us means getting back your most precious commodity: time.

Everything we do is to help our clients make informed decisions. Our wealth of knowledge, our adaptability and our thirst for learning are key attributes of the Patison team across our illustrious 70 year history.

Business Advisory

Business owners face a new challenge every day – as advisors, it’s our job to help you navigate them. Whether it be operational, cash flow based or technological, we analyse the problem and potential risks involved and assist you in reaching a solution.

Tax & Compliance

The never ending changes to the Australian tax laws and regulations make managing tax and compliance a particularly time consuming activity in any business – and often means outsourcing this service is a no brainer.


Bookkeeping sets the tone of how accurate the financials and tax returns will be and gives greater insight to the business owners. Having accurate numbers leads to being able to analyse the business in multiple ways, enabling decisions based on precise reporting.

Superannuation (SMSF)

Taking control of your superannuation can be an important step in your wealth creation strategy. With an important decision comes the need for specialised help – think of tax concessions, flexibility and generational planning.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is about us understanding what your longer term financial goals are so that we can help you reach them; providing greater control over your assets and ensuring wealth transfer happens in the way you intend it to.

Financial Services

Mortgage broking and financial planning are two essential facets to your wealth creation and management. These services go hand in hand with ours and the benefit of working with our partners means you have a team surrounding you that are cohesive and completely across your current situation and future goals.

Why Patison?


Having been in business for so long means that our wealth of knowledge and thirst for continued learning is an invaluable asset to your own business. Excellence in our areas of expertise is something we are absolutely committed to.

Holistic Approach

It’s not just about the numbers or the here and now – we approach each client with a view to support them and their financial goals well into the future. Collaboration with both our clients and internally with each other is key to our supportive and empowering environment.


Our long term relationships – often spanning generations – are a testament to how closely we work with our clients. Internally, we are a tight-knit team with an impressive retention rate. We truly care for our team, our clients and our community.

Meet the leadership team

We pride ourselves on being a group of supportive, caring people – our doors are always open, and our shared value of being community focussed means that we’re tight-knit and family orientated. The commitment our team has for our clients is reflected in the long term and often multigenerational relationships we enjoy so much.

Ron Hogan
Andrew Dalrymple
Katrina Magyar
Frank Monacella
Manik Pujara
Callie Avery
Yvonne Pike
Practice Manager


Invaluable advice

I have been associated with Patison for the past 36 years, firstly as a General Manager of a reasonably large business and more lately privately. Over this time, personnel have changed but the availability, friendly service and advice has not. Patisons not only process our tax returns but have advised my wife and I for many years on our SMSF. This advice has been invaluable, including the more mundane tax advice and returns, to the ever-changing legislation. We would not hesitate to recommend Patisons to anyone for business, personal or SMSF advice.

Bruce Rowbottom


Excellent for multi-director practices

We have been working with Patison for 6 years. The benefit of working with Patison is that we have one accountant that deals with our business – she handles all issues and continuity is very important in our medical practice. They are also happy to be involved with business meetings. The service that has helped us in particular is their knowledge of salary and wages. They are also excellent at dealing with our multiple director practice, with payments to all and are very knowledgeable with legal matters.

Maree, Practice & Business Manager, Casey Surgical Group


Working with Patison for 30 years

We’ve been working with Patison for over 30 years. Our company structure has multiple entities and can be quite complex. Patison’s advice has been crucial to the success of our businesses to date and will continue to be moving forward. They have assisted our business in multiple ways: financial advice and planning, to assisting in the handover processes of long-term staff while introducing new. The Patison team are extremely approachable and are willing to help any way that they can.

Peter & Eli Evans, Simons Builders Pty Ltd


An integral part of our business

Patison has been an integral part of our business since we first started in May 1989.

Working with Patison is like an extension of our own business. We discuss our ideas with them,  evaluate and plan. We utilize their expertise when purchasing equipment, taking advantage of tax benefits, business planning, as well as providing us with up-to-date information on all aspects of running our business. We couldn’t imagine operating our companies without them.

Bruce Mayes, New Creation Print


Thorough understanding of our business

We first started using Patison Partners in the early 1980’s so it’s over 40 years, and in that time have been very happy with the services provided.

Any advice sought is promptly attended too and very easily understood. Being a local based firm, the advantages are easy access and as mentioned, being local they understand our business thoroughly.

The services provided apart from the inevitable taxation, are advice on business purchase, investments, and hopefully in the near future retirement planning.

David and Jan Trewern


Strong level of communication

We have been working with Patison for 18 months now.

The strong level of communication from Patison has been invaluable. All communications are relevant and concise and the key information is understandable and free of jargon. This has reduced our workload and improved our confidence in keeping up with our accounting obligations.

Patison provides us with tax accounting and business structure advice. Since restructuring our accounts with Patison’s assistance we have much more understandable and actionable information at our fingertips.

Callum Reeves, South East Brewing Company

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