Callie Avery

Callie Avery



Accounting and travel aren’t always words that you see together, but in Callie’s case that’s what led her to the profession. Originally she wanted a career that would enable her to travel, and after meeting an accountant who worked for the Red Cross, she was inspired to pursue something that meant she could travel and help people at the same time.

Once Callie embarked on her business degree, she started working at a local practice and was shown how much a good accountant helps their clients on a daily basis. She was sold!

Callie loves the challenge of solving a problem for a client – whether that be restructuring their affairs to solve a complex issue, or helping them understand why their tax position has changed this year.  She has worked in both public practice and also as a Financial Controller in a couple of different sectors. This experience gave Callie an insight into the complexities that business owners face each day and has meant she can now meet the needs of her clients thoroughly and effectively.

Callie really believes that a business is as good as its people, and that’s what she loves about Patison. Our people care about and support each other, celebrate each other’s lives – whether it be a new engagement, a child’s sporting success, a new recipe or new baby. Callie wanted to be part of that culture and environment, especially after moving to a new regional area from the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with her young family, not knowing anyone in the area. Joining the Patison team instantly made her feel more at home in a new place.

When Callie’s not working, she’s enjoying a trail run with a local group, training for another half marathon or learning a new skill to enjoy with her two kids – the latest being kayaking and skateboarding.