Ron Hogan

Ron Hogan



As the story goes for many accountants, Ron found himself in the profession after maths (particularly algebra) came naturally to him. After being encouraged by his teachers to follow this career path, accepting a job offer at a small local accounting firm made perfect sense. 

With decades of experience, Ron’s ability to work with his clients on understanding their financial reports, achieving their business goals and joining them through their business and retirement life cycles is what he enjoys most about the job. Ron also likes to delve into the gritty details of tax law, financial strategy and implications of legal structures. Using this knowledge to then help solve client problems is a strong attribute of his.

Ron made the change to Patison after seeking work with a larger firm, granting him access to different practitioners and their wealth of accounting and business knowledge. He appreciates Patison’s alignment with his own social and business beliefs and likes the way Patison works with their clients to understand and develop their business. 

His talent for helping things grow isn’t limited to business – Ron is an avid gardener with an impressive range of heritage fruits and vegetables that you’ll find him tending to every weekend. His other interests lie in farming and sport.